Meet the Founder & Chief Career Strategist

Hola Friends! Providing CAREER CLARITY is my SUPERPOWER!  photos by

Hola Friends! Providing CAREER CLARITY is my SUPERPOWER!

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Natasha OrtizFortier is the brains, beauty & founder of Creative Career Chic. I began this work because I know all to well #thestruggleisreal. During the early years in my career, I struggled figuring out what to do. Things people thought I should “naturally know” such as job search, interviewing, writing resumes/cover letters, building a network, making connections …in short, I epic-ly FAILED at ALL of it. I experienced so much stress, fear, frustration, dissatisfaction, indecision, anxiety and all the “emotional stuff” that came along with the process of growing, developing and managing a career. I thought...”I’m a smart person…there has to be a better way to do this and I’m going to figure it out. And when I do…I promised will help others figure it out too.” Thru all of mistakes, trials and tribulations, I learned and developed creative, effective and proficient strategies that work! My friends and colleagues affectionately call me the career chameleon because I have, on numerous occasions, successfully transitioned and transformed my skill set to create and re-create myself professionally.

I have helped hundreds of folks get unstuck, gain career clarity, and transition careers with confidence.

Many of the positions I've helped people obtain, had nothing to do with their major/degrees. Truth be told, it took me a while to settle upon a career that I absolutely LOVE!

I love working with my clients to coach and counsel them to think different and more creatively about their unique skills, talents and abilities. I work collaborative with my clients to explore options and opportunities to co-create a career plan that meet their needs.

Working with me is a collaborative process. Together, we work thru the roadblocks, fear and mental mindset and co-create a career action plan designed and defined on your terms for success. The process isn't always easy but it's worth it...YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Lets connect and see what #careermagic we can create!